The question we are most often asked by teachers and administrators is: what can you do to bring Shakespeare alive for my students? Our answer is surprisingly simple: anything and everything. We enhance and augment curricula by creating performances to highlight what teachers are teaching and students are learning; that ability to design and develop unique programs, coupled with our innate flexibility, gives educators an amazingly malleable tool for creative exploration.

At Knighthorse, our guiding principle is simple: make Shakespeare “cool” again; we do that by engaging students physically, emotionally and intellectually. Mostly, we do it by making them laugh, often in spite of themselves. Our efforts are ever pointed towards building an atmosphere of fun that takes Shakespeare from the static two-dimensional world of the printed page into the charismatic and pulsating three-dimensional world of live performance.

Below is an example of a five-day residency, similar to one we have executed in the past. Although this example is for a high school curriculum, we can work with students of any age or grade level, whether they have a great deal of experience with Shakespeare or none at all.  

Click on the colored boxes and numbers in the calendar below to get a better understanding of what we can do for you and your students.